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Peer Learning • Communication • Mutual Cooperation • Professional Development • Personal Growth & Emotional Support for Staff

The Contra Costa Local Planning and Advisory Council for Early Care and Education (LPC) and the Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE) are pleased to announce opportunities for Supervisors and Directors of State-funded programs to participate in the Leadership Learning Community Project.

We recognize that investing in our program’s leadership is essential and crucial to quality improvement. The Leadership Learning Community strives to support and nurture leadership competencies for administrators. As essential change agents in their programs, participants will engage in regular reflection and discussion with other peers about skill building, staff development, communication, advocacy, leadership, professionalism, and other topics that support a culture committed to continuous quality improvement.

We know from research that teacher preparation and skills are direct indicators of program quality. Hence, teacher’s continuous professional growth and development is directly impacted by the decision and policies made by program leaders and administrators.

Please contact Terrissa Hein at for more information.

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Program Benefits

The Leadership Learning Community Project invites you to participate in a LLC with other supervisors and directors to:

  • Develop a stronger content framework of administration and supervision, leadership, and professionalism in state-funded early childhood programs in Contra Costa County;
  • Build a network of colleagues across the county for supports and resources that strengthen your professional competencies;
  • Provide opportunities to complete professional development that supports QRIS and ongoing professional growth for supervisors and directors of early childhood programs; and
  • Benefit from financial incentives that support your professional development goals.

Program Goals

The goal of the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) Project is to support and empower teams of early care and education professionals to identify and engage in professional development with a team spirit and commitment to program goals that ultimately improve children’s learning outcomes.

The program strives to foster:

  • PEER-LEARNING – through the creation of small peer learning groups or discussion groups
  • COMMUNICATION – to identify areas of staff expertise and areas for staff growth
  • MUTUAL COOPERATION – to promote sharing of professional knowledge, to utilize knowledge gained from professional development opportunities, to influence practice in the classroom and to support team-based approaches to program improvement
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – in areas that have been identified by the staff team at the site based on available data collected through formative assessment tools
  • PERSONAL GROWTH AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT FOR STAFF – to support the retention of a stable and skilled workforce

Eligible Participants

Supervisors and Directors in Contra Costa County child development programs that provide services to children who receive state subsidized child care services may apply.

Participation Requirements

Participants who successfully complete participation requirements will be eligible to receive a stipend and additional support materials, which may include publications, paid webinars/seminars, and/or possible educational-related events.

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